Some Form Of Stability​/​Good Luck, Goodbye

by Hear The Sirens

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We started this band in 2006. We made some records, we played some shows; some people left, some people stayed. We stopped playing.

We made some calls and five years later, we decided to start having some fun again. We took an old song, did it right and wrote a new one, and we put them on a 7".

Thanks to Cody Jones at Anchor 84 Records for helping us press this. You can order it online from him over at!


released September 6, 2011


tags: punk


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Hear The Sirens

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Track Name: Some Form Of Stability
Pushed myself to limits that I didn't know, body's broken from years of abuse. When you get tired of silently dying and you get tired of the same four walls.

I don't want to wait forever to find who I can truly be. You just got let go of your own self then you know you will be free.

Just let the minutes turn to years; build it up, these unthinkable fears. When you get tired of silently dying and you get tired of being alone.

You're just a young kid, begging on innocence, just want to know why you gave in.
Track Name: Good Luck, Goodbye
Don't you love the way everything just seems so perfect? Well maybe we're just lying to ourselves and don't you love the way our bodies dictate all our motions, the feelings, and all the things that we say in the dark?

You said you got tired of who I am, seems you've had enough of it. Well, you don't need me anymore.

Sometimes it's better not to know who's been keeping you up, who's been keeping you warm. So lay down and sink with me, let's talk about regret and remorse and all the things we never said before.

You said you got tired of being alone and how you never had a home.

I wish I knew how it felt to believe in something, to depend on someone. Well, I don't need you anymore.

I know I've crossed the line; enough's enough I'm gone this time. You head east and I'll head west; you head east and I'll head to those empty spaces that you said don't exist at all, I don't exist at all.

You said you got tired of waiting up; well, I guess enough's enough.